Infinite Mana is currently hiring a Senior Audio Designer to join our top secret and unannounced project. The audio designer on project ‘Expeditions’ will have the creative freedom to design, create and implement all the audio needs for the game. Whether it’s by collaborating with contractors and outsourcers, or by recording the sounds and writing the sheet music themselves, the goal is to deliver a game with a vibrant soundscape that effectively stimulates the design of the game, complements the mood of the art and telegraphs the function of the UI. 

The Senior Audio designer will report directly to the Creative Director and is expected to work closely with the design and art teams on creative decision-making and implementation in Unreal Engine. Experience using a potentially wide range of editors, scripting languages and middleware solutions is a must for this role. But most important is the willingness to take on this challenge which no doubt will prove to be both a heavy burden as well as an excitingly unique opportunity. 


  • Keen understanding of implementing sounds into videogames, from concept to release 
  • Experience in studio recording techniques 
  • Experience in industry standard audio tools and plugins (Reaper, Nuendo, Fabfilter, Waves, etc) 
  • Comfortable with both taking and giving creative direction 
  • Good sense of how sounds can complement and elevate gameplay 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to overcome technical challenges 
  • Strong attention to detail and teamwork skills 
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken 


  • Experience working with and giving direction to outsourcers and contractors


At Infinite Mana Games, we believe that a person’s personal life comes first, and work comes second. But we want to make it a close second. By providing our employees with a comfortable work environment, an open and accepting culture and sharing a strong sense of mutual trust we are confident that we can build a strong and dedicated gaming family.


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