We are happy to welcome you to Infinite Mana, a new start-up based in Malmo, Sweden. Our first project is codenamed ‘Expeditions’, and even if it’s all still very top secret and hush-hush, rest assured it’s going to be something fresh. And for that reason, we are actively looking for more people to join our crew and be part of this exciting adventure. 


The Position 

Infinite Mana is currently hiring a Gameplay Programmer to join our top secret and unannounced project. It is the job of the gameplay programmer to work closely with the game designers to transform ideas, concepts, blueprints and prototypes into well-functioning in-game scripts, behaviors, and mechanics. To do this, you will need to work on tools and systems that can then be used in Unreal by the design team to craft levels, missions, game mechanics and character abilities. The key to this endeavor is to be efficient in your method, patient in understanding the needs, diligent in writing clean and simple code and meticulous in fixing bugs.  

Ultimately though, the gameplay programmer is a generalist with a wide range of potential areas of responsibility, from gameplay and tools to UI and physics. And this is doubly so at a small startup like Infinite Mana.


  • Excellent programming skills in C++ 
  • Experienced in Unreal Engine  
  • Good sense of making great gameplay 
  • Excellent problem solving skills and ability to overcome technical challenges 
  • Strong attention to detail and teamwork skills 
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken 


  • Familiarity with AI, physics, animation and gameplay code in general 
  • Strong math skills 


At Infinite Mana Games, we believe that a person’s personal life comes first, and work comes second. But we want to make it a close second. By providing our employees with a comfortable work environment, an open and accepting culture and sharing a strong sense of mutual trust we are confident that we can build a strong and dedicated gaming family.


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