Infinite Mana Games is a start-up game studio founded by the 3 industry veterans Ernst, Cece and Gustav. They had long dreamt of starting something on their own and along their road they met Amplifier Game Invest who decided to give them funding to make their dream come true. With Amplifier at our back, we have been given a fantastic opportunity to create a sustainable company that is here to last. We strongly believe in a good work-life balance. Stabile income, safe and inclusive workplace, fun projects and good colleagues are vital to making this studio a success. 

Right now, we are a team of 8 located on the top floor of Malmö Arena in Hyllie, a short bike/bus/car ride from Malmö, Sweden. We have gotten the studio up and running, but to make a game, we need YOU. 



We cannot say much, BUT what we can reveal is that it is a top-down, action RPG (with a twist) made in Unreal Engine 5. 



We are currently hiring an Artist to join our top secret and unannounced project. We would like it if this person has a broad understanding of all areas of art creation for videogames, from environment and world building to props and assets. The project is very early in development, so we need people who are interested in collaborating cross-discipline, who can establish a solid art pipeline and can keep in mind the technical requirements such as performance limitations and development priorities.  

The ideal candidate is not necessarily a specialist in one area but enjoys and is skilled in building the entire stage of the video game’s visual diorama. We are ultimately looking for the right person but the more experience you have with industry standard 3D software (for example 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, etc), photoshop, unreal engine and outsourcing, the better. 


At Infinite Mana Games, we believe that a person’s personal life comes first, and work comes second. But we want to make it a close second. By providing our employees with a comfortable work environment, an open and accepting culture and sharing a strong sense of mutual trust we are confident that we can build a strong and dedicated gaming family.


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